• Business Consultancy Services

    Business Consultancy Services

    Fintech Association Africa provides expert business consultancy services tailored to the dynamic needs of fintech companies. Our consultancy is designed to empower businesses with the knowledge and strategies they need to thrive both locally and globally

  • Policy Advocacy

    Policy Advocacy

    Fintech Association of Kenya is a leading voice in policy advocacy, dedicated to creating a conducive regulatory environment that fosters the growth and innovation of fintech companies across Kenya and the African continent. We work with relevant government bodies, the legislature, and other relevant state agencies to ensure an environment that spurs innovation while safeguarding the interests of the end users.

  • Media & Marketing Services

    Media & Marketing Services

    We are passionate about putting all fintechs on the map and actively promoting their visibility and activities. Our full-fledged media organization is dedicated to this, with our LinkedIn as the most trusted source of fintech and business-related news and our collaborations with mainstream media as a product.

  • Financial Literacy & Inclusion

    Financial Literacy & Inclusion

    The Fintech Association Of Kenya is dedicated to enhancing financial literacy and promoting financial inclusion across Kenya and the African continent. Our targeted services are designed to empower individuals and communities with the financial knowledge and skills they need to succeed in today’s economy

  • Representing & Promoting Excellence In The Fintech Sector In Kenya.

    Representing & Promoting Excellence In The Fintech Sector In Kenya.

    We serve as a resource and forum for education, information sharing, and networking between companies, policymakers, and the general public.

Fintech Association of Kenya

About Fintak

The Fintech Association of Kenya is the umbrella body that represents all the players in the finance and technology landscape in Kenya.

Fintech Association of Kenya

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Fintech Association of Kenya

The Fintech Association of Kenya (FINTAK) is your gateway to the forefront of Kenya's financial revolution. We are the driving force behind innovation, collaboration, and advocacy within the country's vibrant Fintech sector. Our mission is to empower businesses, individuals, and policymakers, transforming Kenya into a global leader in accessible, secure, and cutting-edge financial technology.

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