Policy Advocacy

Fintech Association of Kenya is a leading voice in policy advocacy, dedicated to creating a conducive regulatory environment that fosters the growth and innovation of fintech companies across Kenya and the African continent. We work with relevant government bodies, the legislature, and other relevant state agencies to ensure an environment that spurs innovation while safeguarding the interests of the end users.

  • Lobbying and Representation: We actively engage with lawmakers and policymakers, representing the interests of fintech companies to ensure that their needs and challenges are addressed in legislative and regulatory frameworks. Our goal is to advocate for policies that support industry growth while protecting consumer interests.

  • Policy Analysis and Recommendations: Our experts conduct thorough policy analyses to identify trends, opportunities, and potential challenges within the fintech sector. We provide strategic recommendations to policymakers, aiming to cultivate a regulatory environment that encourages innovation and ensures fair competition.

  • Regulatory Updates and Compliance Guidance: Staying abreast of regulatory changes is crucial for fintech companies. We provide our members with regular updates on regulatory developments, offering insights and guidance on compliance requirements to ensure they can adapt and thrive in a dynamic legal landscape.

Through our policy advocacy and Lobbying efforts, Fintech Association Africa is committed to shaping a future where fintech can prosper and contribute significantly to economic growth and financial inclusion across Africa.

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