About Us

Fintech Association of Kenya (FINTAK) was registered in 2020. The Association is your gateway to the forefront of Kenya's financial revolution. We are the driving force behind innovation, collaboration, and advocacy within the country's vibrant Fintech sector. Our mission is to empower businesses, individuals, and policymakers, transforming Kenya into a global leader in accessible, secure, and cutting-edge financial technology.


To represent and promote excellence in the fintech sector in Kenya, serving as a resource and forum for education, information sharing, and networking between companies, policymakers, and the general public.


To be the recognized professional authority representing all fintech companies in Kenya.

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Cooperation


The Association shall be the umbrella body for fintech in Kenya and shall have the following objects:

  1. Promoting Cooperation and Dialogue: The association fosters cooperation and dialogue among fintech companies in Kenya, facilitating communication and collaboration within the sector.
  2. Advocacy and Representation: We advocate for the interests of our members at the policy level, particularly in relation to national regulatory bodies, ensuring their voices are heard and their concerns addressed.
  3. Innovation and Comprehensive Financial Services: The association leads fintech companies in delivering innovative and easily understandable financial services products to benefit all Kenyans.
  4. Safe and Secure Digital Finance: We promote safe and secure digital finance, ensuring consumer protection and enhancing all consumers' overall quality of financial services.
  5. Proportionate Regulation and Global Growth: The association encourages proportionate regulation to support financial innovation, facilitate market access, and drive the global growth of Kenyan fintech companies. We aim to be internationally recognized as an institution of financial innovation.

Benefits of Joining FINTAK

  • We will list your company in our Directory of Accredited Financial Institutions on our Website.
  • Offer you a Free or subsidized booth to showcase your solution during our events.
  • Offer your staff free or subsidized trainings on areas you'd recommend.
  • Get free access to our newsletters and online subscription magazines or resources.
  • Represent and advocate for sound policies on your behalf to different regulators or Government agencies
  • Give you access to our networking forums where you will bounce ideas and share knowledge with other thought leaders in Kenya and across the World.
  • Record and post on our platforms interviews and Podcasts (free) with your senior managers or Founders highlighting your journey and solution or any new features. We will use our relationships with Media to have some of the stories featured in the newspaper or TV at no cost to you.
  • Open up your World to investors and recommend your company to external institutions seeking to expand their services to Kenya through partnerships, acquisitions, or mergers. Some benefits include mid-wifing partnerships, acquisitions, and mergers for strategic alliances that enhance market penetration and scale.
  • We are a resource center, a knowledge point, and a data repository for the fintech sector in Kenya. We regularly do publications and research papers where our members feature and get mentioned prominently. Through this, we share knowledge, organize networking platforms and connectivity through seminars, and workshops that offer visibility where market leaders and experts share experiences, offer mentorship to start-ups, and enhance your competitive edge.

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