About Us

Fintech Association of Kenya (FINTAK) was registered in 2020. The Association is your gateway to the forefront of Kenya's financial revolution. We are the driving force behind innovation, collaboration, and advocacy within the country's vibrant Fintech sector. Our mission is to empower businesses, individuals, and policymakers, transforming Kenya into a global leader in accessible, secure, and cutting-edge financial technology.


To foster excellence and innovation in Kenya's fintech sector through education, collaboration, and advocacy.


Transform Kenya into a World Leader in Fintech Innovation.

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Cooperation

The Team

Board & Advisory Members

  • Dr. Juliet Ongwae

    Dr. Juliet Ongwae

    Board Member


  • Joseph Githaiga

    Joseph Githaiga

    Board Advisory


  • Frank Molla

    Frank Molla

    Board Advisory


  • Duncun Motanya

    Duncun Motanya

    Board Member & Founding Chairperson


  • Andrew Barden

    Andrew Barden

    Board Member


Benefits of Joining FINTAK

              1. Networking and Collaboration

      • VIP Networking Events: Gain priority access to exclusive networking events with top executives, decision-makers, and venture capitalists.
      • Introduction to Key Stakeholders: Get introduced to key stakeholders and members, opening doors to potential business opportunities, collaborations, and partnerships.
    1. Branding and Visibility
      • Free Branding and Exhibition: Enjoy free branding and exhibition opportunities at all FINTAK events, including the annual fintech conference.
      • Media Exposure: Benefit from interviews and podcasts featuring your senior managers or founders, with potential coverage in newspapers or TV at no cost.
    2. Business Opportunities
      • Market Penetration and Scale: FINTAK can facilitate partnerships, acquisitions, and mergers, enhancing your market penetration and scalability.
      • Exclusive Invitations: Receive priority access to exclusive local and international opportunities.
    3. Thought Leadership and Advocacy
      • Speaking Slots at Events: Position yourself as an industry thought leader with speaking slots at selected FINTAK-organized events.
      • Joint Advocacy: Collaborate with FINTAK to advocate for sound fintech regulations and policies, representing your interests to regulators and government agencies.
    4. Training and Capacity Building
      • Organize Training Events: Work jointly with FINTAK to organize training and capacity-building events tailored to your needs.
      • Free or Subsidized Training: Offer your staff free or subsidized training on recommended areas, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

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