QuCoon is a technology, data, process and strategy consulting firm for enterprises, SMEs, Startups and public sector. Qucoon guides organizations in taking advantage of opportunities in building the right infrastructure, optimizing operations and driving business growth.

Industry Specializations:
🏦 Financial Services
🤖 Machine Learning
📊 Data & Analytics
💡 Smart City
🏛️ Government
🌍 Migration
💻 Software Development
🛠️ DevOps
🔒 Networking & Security
Public Sector Solutions and Offerings

Smart City Solutions: Strategy &
Implementation – Urban Planning, Data
Analytics, Implementation Strategy.

Migrations: Strategy & Implementation –
Discovery, Deep Dive Analysis,
Implementation Strategy, Project

Cost & Performance Optimization: We
evaluate the client’s architecture and provide
guidance to design and implement secure,
high-performing, resilient, and efficient
applications on the cloud.

Risk Management & Governance: We
Ensure data protection, encryption,
compliance adherence, and cybersecurity
measures to safeguard critical

Software Engineering & DevOps:
Advanced Development Strategies,
Seamless Deployment, Continuous

Proof of Concept: We execute fully
funded POC projects for our clients,
allowing them to visualize and validate
specific solutions within their unique

Managed Services: Account
Management, Monthly Technical
Reviews, 5-20% discounts.

Trainings: Skills Development for
Developers, Architects, Data Analysts &
Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers.


Custom IT & Software Development Solutions

Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and UK

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