Common Traits Shared by Fraudsters and Fraud Attacks

Explore the intricate landscape of fraud prevention, from identity theft to click fraud and money laundering. Discover the strategies used by fraudsters and learn how to navigate the evolving challenges of combating fraud in the digital age. (Subscribe now to For More Insights )

Impersonation is a frequently used strategy by scammers to trick individuals and organizations. This method focuses on manipulating payment processes by creating a false identity that convincingly mimics the actual owner of a payment account. Typically, scammers acquire stolen payment details, including the victim's personal information, to make their impersonation more believable. They gather the victim's name, address, email, and phone number, which helps them to effectively mimic real billing, shipping, and IP address details. To safeguard yourself against such scams, it's crucial to remain alert and protect your payment information.


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